“I have more energy and feel lighter physically as well as emotionally.”

“…I came to you as a senior citizen with arthritis, inflammation, pain, stiffness, 70 pounds of excess fat and poor body image! I felt disconnected from my body and felt like I did not have control of my weight or my health… …With your guidance, counseling and non-judgmental, collaborative attitude, I have totally reconnected with my body. I feel like I am in control of my health, body and especially my weight. I am on a path that is totally new and exciting for me. So far I have lost 30 pounds, am completely (or almost) free of inflammation. I do not have any pain and very little stiffness. I have more energy and feel lighter physically as well as emotionally. I have not had a cortisone shot for the past nine months and don’t think I will ever need one again. …I appreciate your wisdom, your knowledge, your encouragement and your ability to support me non-judgmentally during those times I strayed from the path of healthy eating and living! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Pat M.

“An Extraordinary Experience”

“Working with Denise Williams on a nutrition plan has been an extraordinary experience. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge even more than I could ever research myself. I’ve always been a healthy eater, but Denise helped me to make the little changes that made a big impact on my health. My digestive system works better than it ever has in my entire life! I lost ten percent body fat in only six months, while replacing it with lean body muscle. This program is not just about nutrition, it’s a complete healing of mind, body, soul, and spirit. My confidence level is up, I learned how to cook better, and gained a beautiful new friend. Denise is professional, down to earth, kind, open, and a partner in your nutritional journey.”

-Adele M.

“You changed my life!”

“Like a lot of people, my poor diet and increasingly sedentary lifestyle was making me sick and overweight. One day I got fed up with it and went on a self-guided lifestyle change including healthy living, whole foods, and exercise. My weight was 244 and I was on 3 medications to keep my blood pressure in the 125/90 – 135/90 range and I had sleep apnea for about 18 years. Over a 3 year period, I got my weight down to 174 (my weight in high school) and I’m in great shape because of exercising daily and getting out and taking 10-mile hikes and being active! I was able to lower my blood pressure meds to 1 but I was disappointed because I still had sleep apnea and I wanted to be on NO Meds! That is when I went to see Denise Williams to see if she could help me. She had me do a daily food log and would make adjustments adding certain foods and taking some away and I started feeling better. Then she had me do a very restrictive diet for a few weeks, removing foods she thought I was reacting to. After a couple of weeks my blood pressure began to drop, all the way down to 96/70 and I figured that the reactive food was removed so my blood pressure was going down but because I was still taking that 1 blood pressure med it was going too low so I stopped the med and my blood pressure went right to 120/75 and is still there today. Another thing happened, my C-pap machine for the sleep apnea was blowing way too much pressure. I thought it was broke or maybe I need the pressure adjusted because of my weight loss. My Physician sent me to get a sleep study and when I woke up that morning the sleep Dr. said: “you don’t have sleep apnea, stop using the machine.” Also, the phlegm in my nasal passages, mouth and throat cleared up. The postnasal drip that I constantly had disappeared and it’s easier to breathe. My food culprits are sugar and gluten and I’m learning to eat and live without them. Thank you, Denise Williams, you changed my life!”

-Ken H.


“This is the first time in my adult life that I have lost weight”

“This is the first time in my adult life that I have lost weight — 25 lbs to be exact! I tried dieting, but it never worked. Thanks to Denise and Bree for their knowledge and expertise.”

-Lee R.


“Together we’ll crack your individual code for successful weight loss and most likely resolve or improve other health issues and symptoms.”

-Denise Williams

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